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Why Choose Us

Internationally recognized surgeon

Dr Gaurav Garg, a top internationally certified and trained hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, leads a team of proficient specialists and technicians at Dermalife. He has 15 years of extensive experience in cosmetic procedures, dermatologic surgeries, lasers, and hair transplantation.

State of The Art Facilities

Dermalife is furnished with the latest state-of-the-art technology and facilities including imported medical equipment from the US, Germany, and UK. The clinic offers high-quality and minimal-risk treatments for all forms of hair and skin concerns like laser hair removal, chemical peel, fillers and Anti-wrinkle Injection, acne treatment, tattoo removal, hair transplant, hair loss treatment, female baldness, male baldness, etc.

The most affordable hair transplant cost

We understand the cost concerns of modern hair loss treatments. Therefore, we offer the most cost-effective hair transplantation with a unique, proven methodological approach delivering high success rates.

A smooth hair transplant experience

We employ the unique Boosted FUE Technique of hair transplantation that avoids touching the hair roots during the entire procedure including extraction and implantation. The outcome is high-density hair regrowth on the bald site.

Highly satisfied patients

Our patients are our best judges who tell our success stories. Our special treatment approach, updated technology, and skilled services in safe hands make us trustworthy to our patients who acknowledge the brilliant success rates at Dermalife.