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Hair Mesotherapy Treatment In Delhi

Hair MesotherapyAre you suffering from severe hair loss or baldness? Looking for a safe and effective hair restoration procedure without burning your pocket? If your answers are a yes, it is time for you to know more about Mesotherapy Hair Fall Treatment in Delhi.

Mesotherapy can be described as a hair restoration procedure for curing baldness in men and women by promoting hair growth, reducing hair loss, and slowing male pattern baldness. During this procedure, nutrient boosters are administered to the scalp through an injection gun that eliminates infections, initiates cell metabolism, and promotes hair growth. Mesotherapy is equally effective to revive the hair follicles and improve blood circulation in the scalp region to create strong, long, healthy, dense, and voluminous tresses.

Mesotherapy is also effective to regulate vitamins, proteins, and other growth factors and nutrient levels in the scalp of patients. This hair restoration procedure is considered a superior option to neutralise the effects of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and gradually restore hormonal balance to accelerate the growth of new hair strands.

Who should undergo Mesotherapy for Hair Loss?

In general, men and women, both experience certain hair losses and thinning of hair due to biological or environmental factors which makes them seek medical help for hair loss treatment. These conditions in males or females fall under the medical term called alopecia.

Some of the common symptoms resulting in the need for mesotherapy could be:

  • Balding
  • Patchy Hair Loss
  • Progressive Thinning of the Hair

Hair loss not only affects your appearance but the mental stress and more severe disorders could be a result of it. Mesotherapy brings the right materials to the perfect place where they were needed (around the hair follicle) so that:

  • Excess DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is neutralized
  • The hair follicles grow and survive
  • Blood circulation is stimulated

Mesotherapy is best suited for men and women who have any of the following conditions:

  • Post-natal hair loss
  • Traction Alopecia (hair loss because of pulling or traction)
  • Androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness)
  • Diffuse hair loss
  • Alopecia areata (spot baldness, including the beard area)

Mesotherapy is contraindicated to people with dermal inflammation, immunological disorders, cancer, haemophilia, diabetes, and skin disorders. It is also not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Hair Mesotherapy

How does the procedure work ?

During each Mesotherapy session, local anaesthesia may or may not be administered. Patients will receive a series of injections through a special short needle that is attached to a mechanical injection gun to deliver a series of injections in a row. The Mesotherapy injections may be administered at different depths, which range from 1 to 4 millimetres into the skin depending on the extent and severity of hair loss or baldness. The doctor places the needle into the skin at an angle or flicks their wrist at a swift pace while injecting.

Mesotherapy has a success rate of 90-92 percent. Patients may require several mesotherapy sessions (3-15 sessions) where injections are administered every 7 to 10 days. Each session lasts for approximately 30-45 minutes in an office hour procedure. Mesotherapy may be performed in conjunction with other treatment options such as Laser comb, Low-level laser light therapy (LLLT), Non-needle mesotherapy, Hair Re-growth treatment, and Dermaroller.

What to expect after the procedure?

Since Mesotherapy is non-invasive, there is generally no downtime. Patients can expect to make a return to their routine activities right away. Some patients may require taking a day off because of pain, discomfort, and swelling at the injection sites that usually subside on their own quickly and can be managed with pain-relieving medications, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Why Choose Dermalife for Mesotherapy for Hair Loss in Delhi?

Mesotherapy, also known as injection lipolysis or Lipodissolve, is an excellent way to treat hair loss and reclaim your hair. This procedure involves the administration of enzymes, nutrients, antibiotics, vitamins, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, and hormones. If you want to access Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss in Delhi, you can reach out to Dermalife that is considered to be the leading clinic for Mesotherapy treatment in Delhi.

Dermalife has an experienced and qualified team of hair transplant surgeons, doctors, and other medical professionals. It offers world-class diagnostic facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Dermalife follows the highest standards of patient care, safety, hygiene, sanitisation, and pre-and post-operative treatment and care. Hair Mesotherapy is a virtually painless and safe treatment for hair loss when done professionally.

We, at Dermalife, provide proven results with mesotherapy for hair loss treatment in males as well as females. After the treatment, you can get back to your daily work activities as there is no dressing or local anesthesia required eliminating the need for hair transplant surgery in Delhi. Dr. Gaurav Garg as an expert dermatologist in Delhi can give you miraculous results with hair mesotherapy.

What Is the Cost of Mesotherapy for Hair Loss in Delhi?

The cost of Mesotherapy for Hair Loss in Delhi is approximately INR 15,000 -40,000 per session though it may vary. The cost of Mesotherapy for Hair Loss in Delhi depends on factors like the extent and severity of baldness or hair loss, the general and overall health of the patient, medication, etc.

Benefits of Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

The benefits of Mesotherapy for hair loss include

  • Mesotherapy has positive effects on the growth of hair follicles.
  • It delivers natural plant extracts, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, and medications (such as Minoxidil) into the scalp.
  • It stimulates elastin and collagen on the scalp to improve the density of hair follicles.
  • It improves blood circulation and corrects hormonal imbalances to stimulate hair growth.
  • It stimulates hair follicles and creates strong hair shafts.
  • Mesotherapy slows down hair loss and helps in gradually stopping it.
  • Regenerates inactive hair roots under the skin.
  • Revitalises hair follicles by regenerating hair cells.
  • Reduces excess DHT, which is responsible for male pattern baldness.

Mesotherapy is an excellent hair restoration procedure that involves the administration of vitamins, natural plant extracts, or medications such as Minoxidil into the scalp. It helps in delivering nutrients to the hair follicles and the scalp while correcting hormonal imbalances in and around the hair follicles. Mesotherapy is equally effective to treat severe hair loss and baldness by improving the circulation of blood in the scalp.

If you are looking for Mesotherapy hair fall treatment in Delhi, you may reach out to Dermalife that is considered one of the best providers of Mesotherapy for hair loss in Delhi. Call Dermalife now to know more about the cost of Mesotherapy for hair loss in Delhi and Mesotherapy hair fall treatment in Delhi. This will help you gain a clear and complete understanding of Mesotherapy for hair loss in Delhi so that you can always make an informed decision and get more value out of your hard-earned money.