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Get Customised and Highly Advanced Treatment for Melasma at DermaLife

Melasma is one of the most common skincare issues that we encounter at DermaLife. Expert and experienced dermatologists at DermaLife offer highly specialised melasma treatment in Delhi. Melasma, also known as chloasma, is a specific variety of hyperpigmentation disorders.

Melasma forms in a symmetrical pattern in sun-exposed areas of your body. Areas like the forehead, neck, upper lip, etc., are prone to melasma. Be it hormonal changes or pregnancy, melasma is a type of pigmentation.

At DermaLife, we offer highly customised melasma treatment in Delhi. Our expert dermatologists understand that pigmentation can be tricky to treat. Apart from medicinal treatments for Pigmentation and melasma, we provide include laser, peels, pre-care and after-care products.

Melasma is a chronic skin disorder that can cause discolouration of the face. Getting rid of melasma is necessary as your face will have an uneven tone with hyperpigmentation. To undergo reliable melasma treatment in Delhi, contact us at the earliest. We possess years of experience in treating melasma.

Overview of Melasma

Melasma is a common skin issue. It creates dark and discoloured patches on your skin. It isn’t totally clear what causes melasma. Individuals with darker skin tones are prone to develop melasma. Progesterone and estrogen sensitivity can also cause melasma. At DermaLife, we deploy various types of treatments to cure melasma. For the best melasma treatment in Delhi, contact us at the earliest.

How Melasma affects your Appearance Adversely?

To treat melasma effectively, you should know what it is. At DermaLife, our expert dermatologists deploy a wide range of treatment procedures to treat melasma.

We collaborate with you in offering customised treatments that improve pigmentation issues on your facial skin. Melasma is a common occurrence in pregnant women due to hormonal imbalances. As the best melasma treatment in Delhi, we tailor the treatment process based on your melasma symptoms.

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DermaLife offers the Best Melasma Treatment in Delhi

Melasma treatment can be challenging, and what works for one patient may not work for another. At DermaLife, we possess considerable years of experience in treating melasma effectively. The best treatment for melasma on the face at DermaLife is a combination of approaches that will improve your appearance.

We strongly advise you against venturing out in the sun. Protection from UV rays is a must when undergoing melasma treatment at our clinic. Most often recommend melasma patients to apply sunscreen with SPF30 or higher and wear protective clothing when going outside.

The best treatment for melasma on the face at DermaLife also leverages the application of topical treatments. For example, we may prescribe azelaic acid and hydroquinone-based medicines to treat pigmentation issues.

If you have severe melasma, we will prescribe corticosteroids. What sets us apart is our patient-centric approach to treating melasma. Moreover, DermaLife always follows a transparent process in treating people suffering from melasma. To get the best treatment for melasma on the face, contact us at the earliest.

Contact us to know about Melasma Laser Treatment Price in Delhi

At DermaLife, laser therapy is a sought-after treatment for eliminating melasma from your facial skin. Dermatologists at DermaLife rely on advanced laser devices to sort pigmentation issues in your facial skin.

We use Active Q-switched lasers, IPL lasers and fractionated resurfacing lasers. With Active Q switched laser devices, dermatologists at DermaLife can target the melanin in your skin. Active Q switched laser devices are ideal for removing excess pigment.

We are also adept in laser skin resurfacing to treat stubborn melasma. You can consult us to learn about melasma laser treatment price in Delhi. Dermatologists at DermaLife also rely on CO2 laser to treat pigmentation issues in your facial skin.

CO2 laser stimulates the wound healing process in your skin. As the skin heals, it produces new collagen that effectively eliminates pigmentation issues. If you want to know about melasma laser treatment price in Delhi, arrange an appointment with us today.

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Use of Medi facials at DermaLife

At DermaLife, we are experts in treating melasma through medi facials. Medical Facials for melasma, also known as medi facials, can treat hyperpigmentation effectively. We use medi facials to peel off the topmost layer of your skin.

Melasma medi facial is effective in eliminating discoloured patches and melanin. It also boosts the production of collagen in your skin. One of the key highlights of facial for melasma is that it has no downtime. Dermatologists at DermaLife may recommend a topical skin lightener to complement the facial action for melasma.

At DermaLife, we have expert dermatologists who can address issues associated with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. We use medi facials that are a combination of natural acids and fruits.

Note that the fruit acids naturally exfoliate your skin and remove severe pigmentation. The medi facials we use contain anti-inflammatory agents that work best for melasma. To know more about melasma medi facial, contact us at the earliest.

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Working Mechanism of Melasma Treatment at DermaLife

At DermaLife, we follow a specific set of procedures to treat melasma. Here is the list of processes we follow while treating melasma.

  • After the initial consultation, dermatologists at DermaLife will customise your treatment.
  • In most situations, the treatment procedure may be a combination of chemical peels and laser therapies.
  • We are experts in laser toning to correct your pigmentation issues.
  • Being Delhi’s top melasma treatment clinic, we rely on ablative lasers for treating pigmentation issues.
  • The non-ablative lasers used by us will augment your body’s ability to create collagen.

Pre and Post-Treatment Melasma Care

At DermaLife, we always believe in providing detailed information to our patients. Note that the melasma treatment might take a few weeks to depict complete results.

Therefore, it is crucial to stay patient and follow your dermatologist's instructions. Here are a few things you should keep in mind after undergoing melasma treatment.

  • To avoid melasma, always be regular with your sunscreen
  • For home based treatment, we suggest using vitamin-C-based lotions and serums to stimulate collagen
  • If you have sensitive skin, we may recommend using a combination of medicines and serums

To know more about melasma treatment in Delhi, contact us at the earliest.