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Reclaim Your Confidence, Restore Your Looks: Premium Hair Transplant Cost in Chennai

Health is the primary aspect in one's life. When something is not working properly in our body, it tends to reflect in our life. Overweight, lethargy, pain, and aches are some of the ways that draw medical attention. Among many other issues hair loss is becoming more prominent owing to stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and genetic factors. All over India, the number of people reaching out for an expert hair transplant surgeon has increased exponentially. Major cities in India have already ramped up the hair care services to provide excellent techniques and expertise in hair restoration programs. Best hair transplant in Chennai offers a wide range of services for different levels of hair loss. 

What is Hair Transplant? 

Any transplant procedure involves a donor and a recipient. In hair transplant procedure the donor site refers to the area from where healthy hair follicles can be extracted and the recipient site refers to the balding area onto which these follicles would be implanted. Hence, the process of hair transplant generally involves replacing unhealthy and dormant follicles with a healthy one. Though the source from which donor follicles are extracted can be many, it is the follicles from the rear part of the head that is used commonly for the procedure. Unlike the follicles at the temples, the follicles at the rear part of the head are resistant to DHT hormone which is responsible for shrinking of follicles. Utilising these healthy follicles for hair transplant prove effective for hair loss treatment and a solution to long term hair growth. 

Best Hair Transplant in Chennai 

Hair loss has become prominent in Chennai due to the ever-increasing pollution, current lifestyles, and humid climate. Best hair transplant in Chennai offers help in dealing with hair loss conditions by following the three important steps - analysis, planning, and treatment. 

Hair recovery is a life changing process for many. Big cities like Chennai or Delhi have been a centre of attraction for cosmetic surgeries owing to the advanced techniques and well experienced surgeons. The factors that contribute to making the best hair transplant in Chennai involves the following: 

  • India stands eighth among the top 10 countries with higher number of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures as per the 2020 report in
  • Over 98% of the patients undergoing hair transplant have a successful outcome with more that 80% of transplanted hair growing back fully by 4 to 5 months. 
  • Majority of the hair transplant clinics in Chennai claim to have 100% success rate with the in-clinic procedure. 
  • The growth in the economy depends on how often people seek the best treatment procedure for their cosmetic needs. 

Delhi, on the other hand, has attracted numerous international tourists in view of their talent in successful hair transplant procedures at a reasonable cost. Being the capital state of India, the number of skilled cosmetic surgeons in Delhi has increased to meet the demand of growing hair loss problems. 

At Dermalife, the state-of-the-art techniques and expertise of Dr. Gaurav Garg and his team has attracted several people worldwide for a promising result. You can book an appointment with Dermalife at Delhi. 

Cost of hair transplant in Chennai 

Though hair transplant is a simple procedure, there are several determining factors that contribute to the cost of hair transplant in Chennai including: 

  • Extent of hair loss 
  • Medical issues that affect hair transplant procedure 
  • Experience of the surgeon 
  • Facilities and clinical infrastructure 
  • Patient support and post operative care 

Best hair transplant clinic in Chennai provides the service starting at an average cost of Rs. 30 to Rs. 120 per graft. A cumulative effect of the surgeon’s skill and patient support is the most crucial part for the desired outcome and cost of the hair transplant procedure. Big cities like Chennai and Delhi have price ranges that suits the needs of the patient. These also attract international tourism at a reasonable cost. A comparative rate of hair transplant in different cities is highlighted below. 


Hair Transplant Cost (Rs)







Lowest Cost







Average Cost







Highest Cost







Average cost for male pattern baldness







Average cost for female pattern baldness







Note: The hair transplant cost in Chennai shown is a rough estimate and may vary from clinic to clinic.

With any hair transplant procedure, the choice of the clinic and surgeon is very crucial. However, the higher success rate of hair transplant is of primary importance than the cost of hair transplant, for a successful surgeon. Dermalife hair transplant clinic, Delhi, offers help in deciding the best treatment plan for you at a reasonable cost.

Importance of best hair transplant surgeon

While a city may attract you with its blooming infrastructures and developments, the cosmetic evaluation needs the expert guidance of a hair transplant surgeon. A best hair transplant surgeon in Chennai will focus on the key aspects of the hair transplant procedure.

  • Devising an individualised hair treatment plan. 
  • Advance degree in cosmetic surgery at national and international level. 
  • Expertise in managing and handling advanced equipment required for hair transplant procedure. 
  • Aware of the latest developments in cosmetic surgery. 
  • Experience with hair transplant procedure with a great number of patients from all areas of life. 
  • A higher success percentage with regards to the desired outcome. 
  • Most importantly transparency, guidance, and trust developed by the surgeon that help with faster recovery. 

Why chose DermaLife as the best hair transplant centre? 

Dermalife hair transplant clinics have been successful in boosting up the drifted self-esteem and confidence among their patients through the hair transplant treatment programs. The unique and advanced techniques used in hair transplant procedures have produced satisfied results. The major techniques used in the clinic includes:

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)
  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • Boosted FUE

The expertise and advert skill of Dr. Gaurav Garg at Dermalife has been a point of attraction for people looking for hair transplant procedure. Other than the medical expertise in hair transplant procedure, Dr. Garg has advanced practice in skin care treatment and lipo body sculpting surgery through internationally acclaimed fellowships. Review suggestions from people at Practo and Lybrate who have experienced the clinic's attributes have highlighted the ambience of the clinic and the courteous nature of Dr. Garg along with the expected outcomes for their hair transplant procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a robotic hair transplant?

Robotic hair transplant is an advanced medical technology termed Automatic follicular implantation. It relies on robots that select and remove grafts from the donor area more efficiently and faster before transplanting them to the recipient area. Robotic hair transplantation has many benefits, including reduced blood loss, less scarring, and faster healing time. It is a painless procedure offering excellent and natural results.

Is there any scar post-FUE hair transplant?

The FUE hair transplant method removes hair follicles individually from the scalp with a specially designed extraction tool. There are thus no incisions or stitches, resulting in almost no scarring. Its FUT method involves removing whole tissue and, therefore, having small scars that will be hidden once healed.

What factors determine the amount of hair to be transplanted?

While calculating the number of grafts needed for a successful hair transplant, there is no single figure for it. Several factors are considered in determining the exact amount, including balding pattern, donor area availability, hair characteristics, and patient's goals. In general, achieving sufficient density across the head's front, mid-scalp, and crown regions during an FUE hair transplant will need about 4,000 hair grafts.

Is transplanted hair the same as normal hair?

Yes, transplanted hair is the same as normal and natural hair. Also, once your transplanted hair grows, you can treat it like normal hair. You can style transplanted hair as you wish. Also, Transplanted hair does not require special care and can be washed and treated like natural hair.

How to find a good hair transplant surgeon?

There are many things to keep in mind while choosing the best hair transplant surgeon, like: Check their background and educational qualifications. Ensure the surgeon you choose has ample experience to give you the expected results. Doctors should know various hair transplant methods. Always fix a consultation appointment to know all about the procedure & methods that suit you the best.