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Get Reliable and Customised Keloid Scars Removal Treatment at DermaLife in Delhi

If you are searching for highly-customised keloids treatment in Delhi, don’t look beyond DermaLife. Keloids are shiny, hairless, and rubbery scars that grow beyond the wound. Though they may adversely affect your appearance, they are not contagious.

Keloids are often challenging to treat, and their unsightly appearance could be a source of embarrassment. Keloids can develop as a result of collagen overgrowth. With effective keloids treatment in Delhi at DermaLife, we’ll help you reduce the growth of keloids.

Keloids can grow to a significant size. Itching and peeling are the most common reasons behind the occurrence of keloids. Keloid scars are a cosmetic concern and can severely dent your appearance. In most cases, keloids develop in your body’s visible areas. You can consult us to learn more about keloid scars removal in Delhi.

Why should you opt for Keloid Removal?

When there is a cut, burn or scratch, your body secretes a structural protein called collagen. At DermaLife, we offer a range of treatments for eliminating keloids. At DermaLife, we follow medically researched and certified treatment processes.

We offer the removal of keloids at affordable costs. Eliminating ugly keloid scars is now more straightforward with DermaLife. Keloid scars contain dense fibrous tissues. That’s why they need a highly customised treatment procedure. For effective keloid removal in Delhi, contact us at the earliest.

Overview of Keloids

Keloids have a shiny and hairless appearance with a rubbery feel. They occur on the shoulders, arms, and other visible areas of your body. Keloids can occur even when there is no apparent damage to the skin. Here are some essential things you should know about keloids.

  • People with darker skin tones are more prone to keloids
  • Infected wounds have a higher possibility of developing into keloids
  • Keloids can develop between the ages of 10 and 30
  • Keloids are not contagious
  • Acne, minor scratches, surgical incisions, etc., can cause keloids

Although keloid scars are not dangerous, they can be itchy and tender to touch. However, the emotional aspects of these scars may impact you adversely.

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When is the Right Time to undergo Keloid Scar Removal Treatment in Delhi?

Most often, keloids form as raised scars. Keloids are pink, red, or purple. Moreover, the border in keloids is usually darker than the centre.

Keloid scars grow smaller and fade over time. But in some people, the skin can overreact to the damage. Keloid scars are typically thick and irregular. They rarely go away on their own. Here are symptoms that indicate you to undergo keloid scar removal.

  • The Scar appears gradually

The gradual development of the scar may lead to discomfort. Moreover, your overall appearance will take a backseat if they form in visible areas.

  • The Scar is Itchy and Painful

If the scar is painful or itchy, you may need to undergo treatment at DermaLife.

  • Turns Darker

A keloid develops as a pink or red coloured scar. However, it may darken over time. If your keloid scar is darker in colour, we suggest you contact us.

Contact us to know about Keloid Removal Cost in Delhi

At DermaLife, the cost of keloid scar removal depends on your chosen treatment procedures. Being the leading dermatology clinic in Delhi, we have a wide variety of techniques to treat keloids effectively. Keloids are non-contagious but can run in families.

Always remember that your skin is the biggest organ. Wounds and burns may leave your skin vulnerable to keloid formation. To know more about keloid removal cost at DermaLife in Delhi, consult with us. We will be happy to provide you with pricing details of our keloid removal treatment procedures.

Types of Keloid Scar Removal Treatment Procedures available at DermaLife

Keloid removal treatment procedures function by shrinking the keloids. Once the keloid flattens and softens, dermatologists at DermaLife can easily remove it. However, in most cases, keloid scars can occur on the face and the neck.

With keloid scars, you’ll have issues wearing makeup and particular clothes. At DermaLife, the keloid removal procedure depends on several parameters.

For instance, we will consider your keloids' size, location, and traits. Based on these parameters, we will commence the keloid removal process. Here are the types of keloid scar removal treatment procedures available at DermaLife.

Pulsed-Dye Laser Treatment for Keloids Treatment in Delhi

Pulsed-dye laser is pretty effective in removing keloids from your skin. Note that pulsed-dye laser relies on organic dyes to project concentrated beams of light. The organic dye acts as a catalyst and stimulates the overall radiation process.

Pulsed-dye laser is a highly effective process of keloid removal. We will use a numbing screen before the treatment to ensure that you face no discomfort. Pulsed-dye laser involves no downtime and is minimally invasive. You can resume your daily activities right after the procedure.

Carbon Dioxide Laser Therapy

Carbon Dioxide Laser Therapy, also known as CO2 laser treatment, is a highly effective way to treat keloids. CO2 laser treatment at DermaLife in Delhi will be ideal if you have a lighter skin tone. In this procedure, Dr. Gaurav Garg is highly experienced dermatologists will pass laser beams through your skin.

Most patients suffering from keloids opt for CO2 laser therapy. CO2 laser therapy is suitable as it replenishes your skin and bolsters collagen production. However, CO2 laser therapy involves multiple sessions. Therefore, you may have to visit DermaLife numerous times for the effective removal of scars.

Steroids and their Efficacy in Removing Keloids

We may sometimes use a combination of steroid injections and laser treatment procedures. We will inject steroids directly into your skin to decrease its size. Steroid injections work well for people with dark and light skin tones.

Cryotherapy for Keloid Removal

Cryotherapy at DermaLife involves the use of liquid nitrogen at regular intervals. When administered properly, liquid nitrogen can decrease the size of keloids.

If keloid runs in your family, schedule an appointment with us. Keloids treatment in Delhi at DermaLife is highly advanced and customised to suit your requirements. Dr. Garg is a reputed dermatologist for hair transplant in Delhi, laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, vitiligo treatment and acne scar treatment