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Get the Best Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi at DermaLife

At DermaLife , we are experts in treating Vitiligo with advanced procedures. Best Vitiligo treatment in Delhi at DermaLife is highly customised based on your current dermatological condition. Characterised by pale skin patches, Vitiligo is not a physically painful condition.

However, it can affect your appearance and confidence adversely. Vitiligo can occur at any age and in any part of your body. The primary reason behind the formation of white patches is the lack of pigmentation.

It usually occurs when the skin loses melanocytes (i.e. melanin - our pigment, producing cells). DermaLife offers patient-centric Vitiligo treatment in Delhi. In some cases, Vitiligo can affect the hair and eyes. The condition of Vitiligo is not life-threatening but seeking professional support is suggestable. To know more about Vitiligo treatment procedures, contact us at the earliest.

Undergo the Best Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi at DermaLife

Vitiligo is an illness that causes the complete loss of skin colour. Note that the colour loss in your skin can vary drastically. Vitiligo can affect any part of your body. Usually, melanin determines the colour of hair and the skin.

Melanocytes are the cells that produce melanin in the human body. Vitiligo occurs when these cells malfunction or die. Vitiligo treatment in Delhi at DermaLife restores colour to the areas affected by this illness.

At DermaLife, we’re highly experienced in dealing with people suffering from Vitiligo. With our patient-centric approach, they are now leading an everyday life. We are experts in treating major and minor Vitiligo, Vitiligo on hands, neck, lips, etc. Pigmentation disorders can severely dent your confidence. In particular, Vitiligo is a global condition and affects a lot of people worldwide.

Symptoms of Vitiligo

The primary symptoms of Vitiligo are visible as white patches on the skin. Here are the symptoms of Vitiligo you should know.

  • Loss of skin colour in patches
  • The eyelids change colour
  • Greying or whitening of hair on your body, scalp, beard, eyelashes, etc.

Vitiligo Results


Treatments available for Vitiligo

  • Oral and topical medicines
  • Surgical treatment
  • Light based treatment

Know about Vitiligo Surgery Cost in Delhi by contacting us

At DermaLife, we offer complete details about the cost involved in performing Vitiligo surgery in Delhi. Dermatologists at our clinic are experts in treating Vitiligo with surgical methods. Note that these surgical methods require minimum downtime.

In other words, you can resume your normal activities right after the procedure. When Vitiligo doesn’t show any improvement, we typically perform surgery to minimise white patches. We will offer you complete details about the Vitiligo surgery cost in Delhi before performing the procedure.

NB-UVB Treatment from the Best Vitiligo Specialist in Delhi

At DermaLife, we rely on NB-UVB light to provide you with possible results. Narrowband UVB light or phototherapy is an effective method to treat skin illnesses like Vitiligo. Dr. Gaurav Garg is the best dermatologist in delhi for vitiligo at DermaLife clinic, will suggest you to undergo phototherapy for vitiligo if discoloration covers more than 20% of your body.

Note that the NB-UVB treatment is a proven way to treat extreme cases of Vitiligo. However, it is a time-consuming treatment for removing discoloured patches from your skin. NB-UVB starts from your skin’s outer layer. The best Vitiligo specialist in Delhi at DermaLife relies on well-tested equipment to offer you with the best results. Both adults and children can tolerate this treatment procedure.

Surgical Methods available at DermaLife to treat Vitiligo

Our certified dermatologists resort to surgical methods when light therapy fails to yield results. We rely on a wide variety of surgical procedures to treat Vitiligo. Here are some of the top surgical methods we deploy to treat Vitiligo.


The best Vitiligo doctor in Delhi at DermaLife will rely on skin grafting to treat Vitiligo. In this surgical procedure, the doctors will replace the discoloured skin with new skin taken from the hidden body areas like thigh and buttocks. The skin graft taken is ulta-thin epidermal graft and it does not leave scar usually from the donor are i.e. thigh or buttockk. The grafting of new skin ensures the proper production of melanin that treats Vitiligo effectively. Grafting has minimal risks.

Use of Suction Blister

The suction blister is another effective surgical method to cure Vitiligo. By using suction, the dermatologists will develop a blister on your skin. Then, they will remove the top of the blister and transplant it to the discoloured portion.

Melanocytes Transplant Surgery

We provide the best Vitiligo treatment in Delhi. Doctors at DermaLife might implant melanocytes which can be taken from the thigh or buttocks. The upper most layer of skin is taken out with specialised instruments and melanocytes are extracted from this skin piece. These melanocytes are implanted on the affected vitiligo area and dressing is done. The implantation of melanocytes is an intricate process that requires specialised skills. These melanocytes proliferate in the vitiligo area and produce melanin which gives color to the white patches back. Thanks to the expertise of dermatologists at DermaLife, you can now successfully bid farewell to skin discolouration.

Punch Grafting

This method is useful for the treatment of the white patches present on palms and soles. Tiny (1.0mm) pieces of skin tissue are taken from the donor area and implanted over the palms and soles.


At DermaLife, we are adept at implanting specialised pigments on the skin with the help of advanced tools. The best Vitiligo doctor in Delhi can eliminate discoloured spots from the visible areas of your body with the help of this procedure.

The Best Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi involves Topical Creams and Medications

We may recommend the use of specific topical and corticosteroid creams to decrease the occurrence of skin pigmentation. Note that topical creams and serums are easy to use and effective for treating Vitiligo.

Corticosteroids are also highly practical and start pigmenting the cells that improve the area affected by Vitiligo. Topical creams and medications work well when the area affected by Vitiligo is small.

We provide Advanced Laser Treatment for Vitiligo in Delhi

The primary objective of laser treatment is to stimulate melanocytes so that they start producing melanin. At DermaLife, we use Excimer laser to treat Vitiligo effectively. Note that our Excimer Laser device uses reactive and noble gas that enhances the overall treatment procedure. The laser treatment for Vitiligo in Delhi is pretty effective in curing Vitiligo from the visible areas of your body.

The Best Candidate for Vitiligo Treatment

You can consult with us to know the Vitiligo treatment cost in Delhi. Best doctor for vitiligo in delhi at DermaLife is ideal if you’ve higher number of discoloured patches on the skin. If you are looking for the acne skin treatment, hair loss, and hair transplant etc...

Dermatologists will check your medical history before commencing the actual treatment process. If you want to know more about Vitiligo treatment costs in Delhi, contact us at the earliest.