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Get Effective and Highly Advanced Mole Removal Treatment at DermaLife

Moles treatment in Delhi at DermaLife is a painless and highly customised process. Moles can severely degrade your appearance and tend to spread quickly. If you don’t like the appearance of your moles, we can help. Some people are born with moles, and in some, the moles appear later in life.

Moles are skin imperfections but harmless. But at times, they can severely affect your confidence. If you want to remove moles for cosmetic reasons, contact DermaLife at the earliest. Expert and experienced dermatologists supervise moles treatment at DermaLife.

Our dermatologists possess decades of experience, making them the top choice for people looking for mole removal in Delhi. Most moles are harmless, and we tend to develop more with ageing. Abnormal moles have varied sizes and commonly feature a darker colour and can turn into cancer. You can learn more about the mole removal process by contacting us.

Overview of Moles

In medical parlance, moles are nevocellular skin occurrences present on several layers of the skin due to melanin build-up. In most cases, moles larger in size tend to be cancerous. Exposing your skin to sun rays can darken the moles. Dermatologists at DermaLife always recommend you not to expose your moles. Increased exposure to the UV rays can make moles cancerous.

Types of Moles

Here are the types of moles present in the human body.

  • Atypical moles
  • Junction moles
  • Compound moles
  • Congenital Navi
  • Dermal Moles

When should you opt for Mole Removal at DermaLife?

If you notice one or more of the following symptoms, opting for mole removal should be suitable.

  • The mole changes its colour frequently
  • The constant change in the shape and size of the mole
  • The mole causes frequent irritation
  • The mole feels itchy
  • It is severely impacting your appearance

In some cases, Melanoma cancer can occur within a mole. But generally, moles are harmless. However, if you are experiencing these symptoms, as stated above, consult us immediately. At DermaLife, we have the best treatment processes for mole removal.

The presence of moles can often act as a hindrance while you’re wearing certain ornaments or clothes. Mole removal at DermaLife is a highly customised process. Our mole removal processes are minimally invasive. You can resume your daily activities right after the appointment.

Know More about Mole Removal Cost by contacting us

The cost of removing moles depends on the type of procedure you’re opting for. Here are the types of mole removal procedures available at DermaLife.


Excision refers to cutting the mole in the skin crease line to remove them. After the successful removal of the mole, dermatologists will close the incision. The excision method is ideal for removing stubborn moles.

Freezing the Mole

Dermatologists at DermaLife will apply liquid nitrogen to freeze the moles. But this treatment may form blisters.

Advanced Laser Treatment

You can consult to inquire about laser mole removal cost. Laser treatment is ideal for removing multiple moles at a time. Note that laser treatment to eliminate moles requires numerous sessions.

Overview of Laser Mole Removal at DermaLife

Doctors at DermaLife are highly trained in dermoscopy to assess the type and depth of moles. Note that laser treatment for mole removal at DermaLife is highly customised. Laser treatment augurs well for people with white skin and shallow moles.

At DermaLife, we will ask you to visit for an initial assessment of moles. On the day of the laser mole removal procedure, we will explain the processes briefly to you.

You can also ask us any questions to clarify your doubts. During the procedure, we will apply a numbing cream to ensure minimal discomfort. The laser treatment procedure for removing moles takes between fifteen minutes to an hour. You should consult us to know more about laser mole removal costs in Delhi.

Opt for the Best Mole Removal Surgery at DermaLife

In a surgical mole removal procedure, we will shave or cut a mole. Here are the types of surgeries we rely on to remove moles from your skin.

Surgical Excision

It is a pretty common technique for removing moles surgically. We will first thoroughly clean and numb the area. After cleaning and numbing, we’ll use a scalpel to separate the mole from your skin. Bleeding and stitching are common in this type of procedure.

Shave Excision

Rather than cutting, we can remove moles by shaving technique. This technique does not required stitching. In most cases, people with moles opt for this procedure because of minimal downtime. In addition, with shave excision, you can resume your daily activities right after the procedure.

Benefits of Removing Moles at DermaLife

Here are the benefits of removing moles at DermaLife.

  • Get customised mole removal treatment
  • Mole removal stops the spread of cancerous cells
  • We can remove multiple moles with lasers
  • Treatment time with lasers is minimal

We also offer same-day mole removal treatment. Arrange an appointment with us to learn more about mole removal surgery.