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Revitalize Your Style: Affordable Beard Hair Transplants in Delhi


Best Beard Hair Transplant in delhiBeard Hair is prominently thick and is a very important part of grooming for men. While it allows you to enhance your look and groom yourself the way you want, some people have irregular growth on their beard and are not able to get the desired looks. Best Hair transplant in Delhi refers to the surgical procedure that helps in the restoration of hair in balding areas. This technique can also be used to restore beard hair. In the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the demand for beard hair transplants. Lack of facial hair growth or patchiness could either be genetic or because of some accident or surgery. A bushy beard is a sign of masculinity and machismo.

It is a common trend among guys to grow their beard a few years after puberty, but some have a hard time with it. Not just that, some men experience patchy growth of beard, making the entire look messy and not up to the mark. If you are struggling with the same, undergoing a beard hair transplant in Delhi seems like the absolute best option.

The medical field’s growth and advancements have enabled people to accentuate their looks based on their expectations. And, for several men, having a thick growth of beard is one of them. Getting the transplant done from a reliable the best beard hair transplant clinic in Delhi and under the supervision of an experienced cosmetic surgeon can do wonders for you.

Here, we will be discussing everything you need to know about beard transplants and whether it is a suitable option for your cosmetic needs.

Best Beard Hair Transplant in delhi

Some Common Reasons for Beard Transplant

If you are planning on undergoing a beard transplant, knowing about the procedure is worth considering. Have a transparent conversation with the cosmetic surgeon and talk about all the expectations and complications that you can expect after the procedure.

Beard transplant is a form of restorative hair procedure, wherein the extracted hairs from one part of the body are then implanted in the recipient site, in this case, the face.

You might want to consider undergoing a beard hair transplant if:

  • You want to enhance the growth of the beard
  • You want it done for aesthetic purposes
  • You have a lack of facial hair growth after severe trauma or injury

How many grafts are needed for Beard Transplant?

The number of grafts needed for the best beard transplant in Delhi is subjective and depends on the patient’s requirements. It will vary depending on the part of the facial hair that the surgeon is reconstructing.

For example, a patient might need somewhere between 300-500 grafts for reconstructing their mustache. In contrast, the total number of grafts required for the cheekbeard and sideburns can easily be around 1000-1500 grafts for the entire area.

Keep in mind that all of these numbers are tentative and the baseline numbers. They are generally more and will vary depending on the expectations of the patient. If the patient wants a more voluminous and fuller look, the number of grafts will be more.

Some individuals only need the transplant in a specific part of their face where there is no or minimal facial hair growth, while some patients need the beard implants done for their entire face. The number of beard implants cost varies depending on that factor too.

The procedure of Beard Hair Transplant

The procedure of the beard hair transplant in Delhi is very similar to any standard hair transplantation procedure. Here’s what you can expect when you get a beard transplant Delhi:

  • The first step is to book a consultation with a reliable and experienced cosmetic surgeon who will help you choose the ideal transplant procedure, be it FUE or FUT.
  • Once that procedure is selected, the surgeon will give you a date for the surgery along with a few safety precautions that you'd have to follow.
  • On the day of the surgery, you will have to come down with someone so that they can drive you back from the clinic.
  • The surgeon prepares you for the surgery by shaving the donor site on the scalp from where the follicles will be harvested.
  • Once done, the surgeon will apply a local sedative and numbing gel on the donor site to begin the follicle extraction from the donor site on the scalp.
  • After harvesting all the follicles, a local sedative is injected into the facial region, where the implants will be fixed.
  • The follicles are either implanted individually or ingrafted, depending on the procedure you have chosen from the transplant.

What happens in Beard Hair Transplant?

A sparsely grown beard can be made thicker and fuller by beard hair transplant. The donor area can be the backside of the scalp or beard area itself. You will enjoy your look after 5 to 6 months of the beard hair transplant.

Men craving fuller and lustrous beards have a reason to rejoice as Dermalife Clinic offers beard hair transplants in Delhi at the most affordable rates. The surgeons are highly skilled and recognized for their work all over the country. They use advanced methods to ensure that the best results are achieved in minimal downtime.

The process of a beard hair transplant is relatively simple. The modus operandi and technique used in the transplant are very similar to that of a scalp transplant. Dr. Gaurav Garg uses minimally invasive procedures to restore hair thickness on different parts of the face. Firstly, the area where the beard has to grow is marked which gives the doctor an idea of the area he has to work on. Then the hair follicle is extracted from the donor region, generally the back of the scalp, and then transplanted on the bald or patchy section of the beard. Dr. Gaurav Garg pays attention to the minutest details and ensures that the extracted hair is implanted at the right angle to give the beard a dense look. There is no bleeding, no cut, no scar, and the healing process is also faster. The outcome is enduring and looks normal. The transplanted hair will start growing naturally after some time and you can even trim it or shave it.


Where Does the Donor Hair Come From for Beard Hair Transplant?

Much like any other standard hair transplantation procedure, even the donor hair for beard transplant cost Delhi comes from the hair follicles present in the back of your head.

The back of the scalp is the chosen donor site because the hair growth is thickest around that region.

What to Expect After Beard Hair Transplant?

Most of the patients have very unrealistic expectations from beard hair transplants. If you think that the hair will start growing within a day or two after the surgery, you are mistaken. If you believe that the procedure will leave no pain and swelling, you are wrong on that part too.

You can expect swelling, numbness, and a tingling sensation around the scalp' and the face, where the implants have been placed.

Beard Hair Transplant Aftercare

Much like any other hair restorative surgery, you need to be extra careful after the beard hair transplant as well. The recovery period can range from 2-7 days after the surgery, during which you will notice the pain and the swelling go down eventually.

You might witness the formation of tiny crusts around the implanted follicles a day or two after the surgery, but these dry out and flake off quickly as well. Your surgeon should prescribe you antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and analgesic medications to keep the pain and swelling in check. Ensure that you take them without fail.

You can normally shave after ten days but make sure that you are gentle about the process and don't push the implanted hair follicles. The hair from the implanted follicles will shed within the 2-3 weeks mark and that is normal. So, don't panic.

Why Choose Dermalife for Beard Hair Transplant in Delhi?

If you want to undergo the best beard hair transplant in Delhi, Dermalife is a leading aesthetic clinic with years of experience in this field. We'd suggest you choose Dermalife because:

  • We have a team of highly qualified and internationally accredited dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons with years of professional and hands-on experience in hair restorative techniques.
  • Our clinic is equipped with the latest and the most innovative equipment, all of which are imported from countries like the United States, the UK, and Germany to provide our patients with cutting-edge results.
  • Our medical packages are incredibly affordable and aligned with the patient’s needs to get the procedures done without worrying about the expenses.
  • We strive to put our patients above anything else, hence take their expectations into account and ensure higher success rates from the procedures.

Beard Hair Transplant Price in Delhi at Dermalife

The beard hair transplant cost in Delhi is subjective and depends on the requirements of the patients. Generally, the beard transplant price varies between INR 50,000 to INR 4,00,000, depending on the number of grafts and the extent of the surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will You Have Any Scar on Your Face?

Yes, you may expect scarring in the donor area for the FUT method of hair transplant. The FUE transplant leaves miniscule and unnoticeable scars in the donor area. There will be no scarring where hair follicles grow. It is imperative to consult a professional and learn everything about the transplant before undergoing it.

Who Can Opt for Beard Hair Transplant?

Anyone having trouble with facial hair growth can opt for the treatment. If you deal with excessive facial hair loss, you are an ideal candidate. Does your scalp hair differ in colour from facial hair? Learn about the beard hair transplant price in Delhi and achieve a natural-looking result. A candidate can experience adequate hair growth on their scalp after the procedure.

What are the Post-Surgery Instructions to Follow?

Patients can expect minor redness, swelling, and the formation of tiny crusts around the treated areas during the initial week. One should follow all the post-surgery instructions carefully to prevent infection after undergoing a beard hair transplant in Delhi. If a patient develops an infection, they should immediately consult a professional. Some people also need pain-alleviating medications for managing swelling and pain.