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Robotic Hair Transplant in Delhi


A robotic hair transplant is one of the most modern methods for a hair transplant. It is also quite a significant progress in the techniques used for the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction procedure of transplant. This is because this method is fully automated.

Using the ARTAS System, a robotic hair transplant utilises specialised technology along with a robotic arm to extract and implant hair follicles into the thinning or balding areas of the scalp with minute precision. This method does not require any surgery and is very minimally invasive.

What makes a robotic hair transplant different and cutting edge?

Unlike traditional methods of hair transplant, the robotic hair transplant method takes a lot less time. The robotic system comprises a robotic limb with hair extraction and site creation tools attached to it. It also has different camera and video imaging systems, with a specialized computer user interface or control panel.

For a robotic hair transplant, the hair transplant surgeon would use the following steps:

  • a. Consultation
  • b. Create a simulation of what you could look like after the hair transplant
  • c. Give an estimate of the approximate number of grafts that will be required for the transplant depending upon the degree of your hair loss
  • d. Analysis of the scalp
  • e. Identification of individual hair follicles that are suitable for the transplant
  • f. Extraction of hair follicles
  • g. Implanting of hair follicles

Therefore, a robotic hair transplant will most likely reverse the hair loss due to thinning hair, bald spots, and receding hairlines.

Advantages of a robotic hair transplant:

  • a. Higher accuracy for the harvest of graft hair
  • b. Better quality of the harvested follicular units
  • c. Reduced harvesting time for follicular units
  • d. Minimally invasive
  • e. Increased efficiency and reduced risk of scalp injuries
  • f. Increased accuracy and speed of preparation of the recipient site