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Acne Treatment in Delhi


Acne Treatment in DelhiPimples or Acne being a common teenage problem bring along irritable scars & psychological effects such as lowering self-esteem and in very extreme cases, depression. Acne usually attacks areas of skin including face, upper parts of chest and the back. Patients are categorized in four grades depending on the severity of acne and areas affected, hence the Skin Doctor provides treatment on the basis of patient grade category

Acne Treatment in Delhi at Dermalife

Best Acne Treatment In Delhi

Dermalife offers a variety of treatments for Acne(Pimples) that can provide gradual and permanent relief from this condition. Dr Gaurav Garg, has been trained under some of the best dermatologists in the country and is a considerable specialist in treating acne.

On your visit, Dr. Gaurav Garg analyses the root cause of respective patients and helps them fix it through topical or/and internally taken suitable medications. Sometimes medicines are not sufficient for the treatment. For faster relief from acne, acoording to your condition, Dr will suggest you Peeling or Laser based treatments.

Dermalife provides treatment for all your skin problems .Dr. Garg is one of the best dermatologists in Delhi who can help you achieve meticulous results under his supervision. He may prescribe you continuing sittings depending on your condition, for best results.

These procedures are performed by Dr. Gaurav Garg solely with the help of skilled assistants contributing to the treatment remarkably. Contact Dermalife for acne and botulinum treatment in south Delhi.

Laser works magically on acne, its scars and pigmentation. We uses US FDA approved Laser technology at our clinic to give you the best results. Laser based treatments for acne scars is the best treatments available at our Dermalife Skin & Hair Clinic, Green Park, New Delhi. All the Laser treatments for acne scars are done by Dr Gaurav Garg.

Chemical Peels not only eradicate the acne but also remove dark pigmented spots due to acne on your face and back. Various different types of peels are available at our clinic and according to the skin problem, Dr Gaurav will suggest you the appropriate peeling treatment. Call to book an appointment and know more details and cost of acne treatment in Delhi.

What Triggers Acne?

Acne is a common problem that usually begins in the teens and not necessarily ends with your teenage year. For some people who have oily skin, the problem of acne may continue even to their 50s. The knowledge of the prime cause of the problem can certainly help you to maintain clearer skin and keep the breakouts at bay.

  • Hormonal Fluctuations
    Mostly the acne breakouts start in teenage which makes the role of hormones in acne eruption obvious. Hormonal fluctuations result in deep cystic acne around the chin, neck, and back.
  • Stress
    Stress makes the adrenal gland super active. The hormones released by the gland drives the oil glands to produce more oil which is the root cause of the breakouts.
  • Pollution and Hygiene
    Air pollution is one of the most prevailing reasons for acne. It puts a layer on your face, blocking the skin porous. Wash your face thoroughly and maintain good hygiene.
  • Excessive and intense cleansing
    Over-washing your face can make it dry and cause it to produces more oil to compensate which can make acne worse.
  • Food habits
    There are some foods that can result in increased acne breakouts. The list of foods to be avoided may be different for every individual, chocolate, dairy, excess iodine, etc are some common triggers though.

The best option for understanding the main reason for your acne and dealing with the zits is to consult an expert at the Dermalife center which is highly recommended by the patients who have experienced the excellence of the services.