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Get Highly Customised and Holistic Psoriasis Treatment at DermaLife

At DermaLife, we have the experience and expertise to treat psoriasis with advanced procedures. Psoriasis treatment in Delhi at DermaLife involves highly efficient diagnosis and management. If psoriasis is affecting your life, then we are here to assist.

Our highly experienced dermatologists will offer you expert treatment with a positive psoriasis recovery rate. We specialise in treating psoriasis with the most advanced procedures.

When left untreated, psoriasis can affect your health and appearance severely. We use a wide variety of topical agents to treat milder forms of psoriasis. To know more about psoriasis treatment in Delhi, consult us at the earliest.

Psoriasis and its Overview

Psoriasis is a chronic and autoimmune condition that gives rise to the rapid accumulation of skin cells. It often causes scaling that severely affects your appearance. In most cases, patients can develop psoriatic arthritis that affects their mobility. Psoriasis tends to be a lifelong illness.

Therefore, it is necessary to consult a certified Dr. gaurav Garg dermatologist to control this illness. In psoriasis, the skin cells divide faster than usual. Psoriasis creates flaky and red patches of skin that makes the surface feel itchy.

This skin illness mainly affects the elbows, scalp, knees or the lower back. People with psoriasis are always at an increased risk of developing psoriatic arthritis. It is a type of arthritis that primarily affects people suffering from psoriasis. Swelling, joint pain and stiffness are the primary symptoms of this type of arthritis.

Psoriasis Symptoms- What should you know?

The standard signs of psoriasis are as follows:

  • Presence of rashes in patches that differs from one person to the other
  • Psoriasis rashes can range from skin scaling to significant inflammation
  • Dry and split skin that may cause bleeding
  • Soreness and burning
  • Presence of recurring rashes that appear for months before subsiding
  • Aggravation of rashes during winter season and decrease in summer

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If you are experiencing these psoriasis symptoms, contact DermaLife at the earliest. We are one of the best psoriasis treatment clinics in Delhi.

What are the Types of Psoriasis?

Each type of psoriasis differs in its symptoms and signs. Here are the types of psoriasis you should know.

Plaque Psoriasis

It is the most standard kind of psoriasis. The primary symptoms of this psoriasis type are itchy, dry and elevated patches of skin. These types of skin patches are typically present on the back, chest, arms and legs etc.

Scalp Psoriasis

this involves our scalp and lot of flakes are present on the scalp. lot of itching and redness is also present. people confuse it with severe dandruff. proper treatment is required by a qualified dermatologist.

Nail Psoriasis

As the name suggests, nail psoriasis may affect the growth of nails in your body. It causes irregular nail growth and discolouration. Severe forms of nail psoriasis may cause lifting of the entire nail plate.

Inverse Psoriasis

This type of psoriasis primarily affects the groin, breasts and buttocks. It creates flat areas of swollen skin that worsen with sweating.

Guttate Psoriasis

It primarily affects younger children and adults. In most cases, the primary cause of guttate psoriasis is a bacterial infection. Guttate psoriasis creates scaling spots on the trunk and legs.

Pustular Psoriasis

this form of psoriasis is associated with small pus filled lesions apart from redness and flakes

Erythrodermic Psoriasis

This type of psoriasis is medical emergency and patient requires admission in a hospital for few days.

DermaLife provides the Best Psoriasis Treatment in Delhi

At DermaLife, we offer psoriasis treatment based on your symptoms and discomfort levels. Dermatologists working at our clinic don’t initiate a cookie-cutter approach to treat psoriasis. Moreover, we follow multi-pronged psoriasis treatment procedures for effective suppression of the symptoms.

Based on the body surface area and severity of psoriasis, we may treat it with topical medications. Our psoriasis treatment in Delhi also relies on a combination of topical drugs, systematic drugs and light therapy. Psoriasis affects both men and women equally. Our psoriasis treatment also depends on the severity of the rashes present in your skin.

The Diagnosis Process of Psoriasis at DermaLife

At DermaLife, we have the best psoriasis doctor in Delhi. For diagnosing psoriasis, we may conduct the following two tests.

Physical Examination

The symptoms of psoriasis are easy to identify than other skin illnesses. Dermatologists at DermaLife will assess your skin conditions and conduct a physical examination of the affected surface.


At times, the symptoms of psoriasis are closely associated with signs of other illnesses. At DermaLife, we conduct biopsy tests to provide you with complete peace of mind.

To know more, contact the best psoriasis doctor in Delhi.

Procedures available at DermaLife for treating Psoriasis

The best doctor for psoriasis in Delhi at DermaLife provides advanced treatment procedures to decrease inflammation and achieve clear skin. Here are the types of procedures available at DermaLife to treat psoriasis.

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Topical Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis treatment with topical agents includes the following.

  • We may prescribe OTC moisturisers after showers to ensure that your skin has proper hydration levels. But note that topical agents cannot treat inflammation.
  • Dermatologists may prescribe corticosteroid creams to control the excessive production of skin cells.
  • We usually prescribe coal tar creams to decrease scaling and inflammation.
  • If you have psoriasis on the scalp, we may prescribe medicated shampoos.

Combination Treatment

if psoriasis is involving more body area and affecting the joint bones, combination treatment in form of oral medicines and topical medicines is advisable. All oral medicines for psoriasis treatment are prescription based and dermatologist can prescribe you these after thoroughly examining you. Newer medicines like biologics are giving better results in comparison to traditional medicines, however biologis are expensive but easy to take.

Light Therapy

The best doctor for psoriasis in Delhi at DermaLife may recommend you to undergo light therapy. This treatment procedure involves exposing the affected area to a controlled amount of ultraviolet light.

In psoriasis, there is abnormal production of skin cells. By exposing the affected area to UV rays, we can stop this abnormal cell growth. We use the ultraviolet B phototherapy method to slow down the development of skin cells.

We offer the Best Psoriasis Treatment in Delhi with Excimer Laser

If you have mild to moderate psoriasis, we may suggest the use of an excimer laser. Laser beams emitted from excimer laser devices produce a highly concentrated beam of light. In other words, it effectively targets the patches of psoriasis. This type of treatment is suitable for treating psoriasis in small patches.

Pulsed Dye Laser

A pulsed dye laser is pretty effective in treating various types of psoriasis. A pulsed dye laser destroys the blood vessels in the affected area. A pulsed dye laser effectively restricts the blood flow to the area affected by psoriasis.

At DermaLife, we offer the best psoriasis treatment in Delhi. We have specialist doctors with decades of experience in treating all types of psoriasis. You can consult with us to know more about our psoriasis treatment options. Dr. Garg is a reputed dermatologist for hair transplant, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, vitiligo treatment and acne scar treatment